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The Grand Forks region trains a highly skilled and diverse workforce.


You've likely heard about North Dakotans’ strong work ethic and reliability. Grand Forks region employees are highly productive, well-educated, and dedicated. In North Dakota and the Grand Forks region average daily attendance in our high schools is among the highest in the country.  For businesses and employers, this translates into hard workers who are raised with the values of commitment and dependability.

The Grand Forks Advantage

  • More than 68% of population has completed some level of post-secondary education -  33.5% have a bachelor’s degree or higherLow turnover and absenteeism
  • Average tenure is 11 years
  • Median workforce age is 43
  • An available labor force of nearly 56,000 within the Grand Forks MSA
  • Nearly 50,000 post-secondary students within an hour drive of Grand Forks
  • Active Young Professionals network attracting, retaining young talent to the community
  • One of 23 right-to-work states -  vast majority of employees are non-union

Workforce Recruitment & Retention Initiatives 

The Grand Forks Region EDC aggressively works with other community stakeholders to recruit and retain a vibrant workforce. EDC staff will work with you to help fill your employee needs, identify and apply for relevant training incentive programs, and promote career opportunities your company offers.

Northern Valley Career Expo a showcase event introducing high school students to career opportunities in the region as they begin planning their secondary education and career.