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Grand Forks Region Demographics

The Grand Forks Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) includes Grand Forks (N.D.) County and Polk County in Minnesota. In addition, workforce commuters into the region are drawn from other bordering counties including Walsh and Traill counties in North Dakota.


  Grand Forks County Polk County Grand Forks MSA 
2013 estimate 69,179 31,569 100,748
2010 Census actual 66,861 31,600 98,461
Under 18 yrs., 2012 19.4% 23.3%  
Over 65 yrs., 2012 10.8% 16.7%  
High School graduates, 25+yrs 92.9% 88.7%  
Bachelor's degree or higher, 25+yrs 33.4% 22.9%  
Persons p/household, 2008-12  2.31  2.39  
Median household income, 2008-12 $46,392 $49,859  

Source: U.S. Census Bureau .  April 2014



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